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Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Bill Meyer/Carol Brashear


Size categorymedium

Plant height x width45x75 cm (18x30 in.)

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs 

Leaf colorgreen,white edge


Leafvery twisted



Scape height60 cm (24 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering period 





InfoPP23565,CAPBR4948 (as 'Wheee').
SHADOWLAND® Collection.
First Look 2006 Frances Williams and Kevin Vaughn Awards (Best Sport Attendees & Judges).
Back at First Look 6, Bill Meyer hoped he would finally get him one of the awards at First Look that had eluded him since he put the whole Seedling and Sport Competition there togteher five years before. Well, it worked as it received a remarkable unanimous vote from the judges and over 80% of the attendee vote to send him home with not one but two of the major awards!
Carol couldn't stop saying "Wheee!" every time she passed it in the garden, so that became the name of this fabulous sport of still-unidentified heritage. Found in a nursery junk pile, Bill has narrowed down the parentage of this sport to either 'Honeysong' or 'Leola Fraim'. Whichever it turns out to be, this is one special plant!
'Wheee!' comes up in the spring as the most amazing curly, twisty bunch of hosta shoots you'll ever see. When it leafs out, it curls and twists like no margined plant ever has in the history of hostadom. It is just way cool. It will reach medium size and is a good solid grower to boot that hold up well through the season and never ever looses its curliness. Margin width varies from year to year, sometimes being fairly narrow and other times fairly wide.

Sports'Wooow' sport/gg