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HostaCurly Fries


Originator(s)Bob Solberg 2008

Origin'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake' seedling

Size categorysmall

Plant height x width28x50 cm (11x20 in.)

Leaf length x width14x2 cm (6x1 in.)

Vein pairs3-4

Leaf colorgreenish-yellow>pale yellow


Leafwavy, narrow



Scape height65 cm (26 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





InfoHosta of the Year for 2016 (HOTY).
Unique highly ruffled narrow lanceolate leafs.
I will add that the agave-looking leaves are stiff as a board and you can see that our award winning 'Curly Fries' is the most unique hosta to be introduced in some time. Best grown in half a day of sun, its highly ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow and then fade to near white. The scape is deep purple, topped with lavender flowers. It makes a great container plant or grows very well in the garden. You just have to touch it.
Interesting plant from Bob Solberg that has been anticipated for several years ... extremely ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow and slowly turn to near-white. Best
grown in a half day sun and deep purple scapes will be topped with lavender flowers.

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