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HostaCair Paravel

Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Rod Lysne 2005

Origin'Sun Power' x 'Cynthia'

Size categorylarge

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width30x15 cm (12x6 in.)

Vein pairs 

Leaf coloryellow


Leafwavy edge



Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering period 





InfoForming a large clump with a spreading habit, this cultivar will obtain a width of about 40". Individual leaves are in the area of 12" x 6". In essence, C.P. combines the best of both parents: large clump, rapid growth rate, and distinctive presentation. Strong in CYNTHIA'S genetics is the ability to produce beautifully wavy leaf edges. Additionally, the CYNTHIA line tends to be quite sun tolerant. Both these virtues are exemplified in 'Cair Paravel.' As the photo indicates, this wavy leaf edge is dominant. Several of the sibs showed this strength, but C.P. was the very best of them. The color is a different sort of gold than we have ever seen before. Not a yellow gold, and not a chartreuse-gold either. Rather than trying to find the right words for it, let the picture act as an explanation. Depending on the season, there is often a marbling effect, and if one looks closely, a muted cream-green edge. This is a gold with character and we should have enough to fill orders hopefully. You will like 'Cair Paravel.' 'Cair Paravel:' An elegant name for an elegant hosta.