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Originator(s)Stearn 1931/AHS 1993

OriginKantung, Yuyuen, China

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width65x150 cm (26x59 in.)

Leaf length x width30x20 cm (12x8 in.)

Vein pairs8-9

Leaf colordark green



Petiolepurple base


Scape height127 cm (50 in.)

Flowerbluish violet,bell

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





Info='Green Satin'.
JN: Murasaki Giboushi = "dark purple (flowered) hosta".
A natural (the only) tetraploid. DNA=39.2.
Very dark glossy green heart shaped leaves which twist at leaf end.
Vivid blue flowers in August and September.
Grassy green with large purple flowers.
An outstanding species. 0-100% shade.
Large glossy dark green leaves, excellent specimen plant; dark purple flowers.
Large dark green, glossy, heart-shaped leaves. Vigorous and a rapid multiplier, this one is a good choice for massing. Deep purple flowers.
The "dark purple (-flowered) hosta", was not named in Japan until 1937. Native to China and North Korea. One of the first hostas to be grown in Europe, being brought to England in 1790 by George Hibbert. Served as the classic watercolor model for hosta painting. Produces seed without actual fertilization. Dark green shiny leaves adorn this giant. (Plant 36x24)
Large, glossy, dark green leaves forming dense clumps. Violet blue flowers in July. 30" scapes.

Sports'Command Performance' sport/gg
'Crystal Fountain' sport/yy
'Mutant Ninja' sport/o
'Sun Spot' sport or hybrid
'Tiffney's Darth Vader' sport/gg
ventricosa 'Aureomaculata' sport/yg
ventricosa 'Aureomarginata' sport/gy
ventricosa 'Russell's Form' sport/gy
'Yellow Spot' sport or hybrid

Progeny'Betty' = nakaiana x PP
'Fat Cheeks_' seedling
'Grandflora Fragrant Pink' = 'Essence of Summer' x PP
'Grandflora Green Petiole' = 'Essence of Summer' x PP
'Grandflora Violet' = 'Essence of Summer' x PP
'Holly's Honey' seedling
'Honey Hill Pins and Needles' hybrid
'John Metzgar' seedling
'Jolly Green Dwarf' seedling
'Kiwi Black Magic' = sieboldiana x PP
'Lakeside Black Satin' hybrid
'Lakeside Ebony Echoes' = PP x ventricosa
'Lakeside Emerald Lights' = PP x 'Invincible'
'Little Blue' hybrid
'Mama's Gold' hybrid
minor 'Alba Improved' = minor 'Alba' x PP
'Odyssey' hybrid
'Peedee Elfin Bells' seedling
'Peedee Picotee' hybrid
'Peedee Treasure' = 'Gold Drop' x PP
'Puff the Magic Dragon' seedling
'Rachel' = 'Heartache' x PP
'Rippled Honey' = PP x plantaginea
'Rosedale Barnie' = PP x 'Invincible'
'Rosedale Dough Boy' = PP x 'Invincible'
'Rosedale Stitched in Silk' = PP x 'Invincible'
'Schwartzer Ritter' hybrid
'Slick Willie' = PP x 'Invincible'
'Spock's Ears' seedling
'Sunny Disposition' = PP x 'Birchwood Parky's Gold'
'Superba' selection
'Taiwan' hybrid
'Tardiflora Hybrida' = 'Tardiflora' x PP
'Tucker Valentine' = 'Herifu' x PP
'Twist of Fate' hybrid
'Unducosa' = 'Undulata' x PP
'Venucosa' = venusta x PP
'Waving Wuffles' hybrid