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HostaSum and Substance


Originator(s)Florence Shaw/Paul Aden 1980



Size categoryxtra large

Plant height x width90x150 cm (35x59 in.)

Leaf length x width45x38 cm (18x15 in.)

Vein pairs14-17

Leaf colorpale green>golden yellow


Leafthick, waxy, glossy, corrugated



Scape height180 cm (71 in.)

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length7.5 cm (3 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August





InfoHosta of the Year for 2004 (HOTY).
Recent comments point to an origin of 'Elatior' x 'Bengee' for S&S [Kevin Vaughn].
20" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade. AGM.
1990 Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award (Jim Cooper). It has extremely large shiny gold leaves. Very heavy substance. Pale lavender flowers in early July.
Glossy chartreuse - more gold in more sun. White underside. Leaves can reach 20" long and 15" wide. Pest resistant. White flowers. A truly impressive clump at maturity.
One of the largest yellows we grow.
A classic in every way.
Considered to be one of the finest hostas ever introduced, this giant chartreuse clump is a knockout... 30" spikes of pale lavender flowers in mid summer add to its beauty. Each rounded leaf can reach two feet across, while clumps average 6' wide for good gardeners, and may reach 9'+... great for neighborhood bragging rights!
Satin-gold leaves of heavy substance, makes a MASSIVE specimen; lav. flws.
One of the largest of the hostas currently available. Huge, glossy, chartreuse to gold leaves with excellent texture. Number one on the Popularity Poll for years.
This one certainly has the largest leaves of the commonly available Hostas. Schmid lists the leaf size as 20" by 15", but that is an average and I suspect that larger leaves have been seen. Van Wade has a clump measuring over 9' across. The leaves are chartreuse to gold, depending on exposure, sun tolerant and slug resistant. It needs plenty of space. Lavender flowers.
Plant is a huge cultivar with heavy substance; useful as a specimen plant. White waxy coating on back of leaf. Needs some sun to go from chartreuse to yellow, so yellowing depends on location. (Plant 60x30)
Huge chartreuse-green rounded leaves with very thick substance. Light lavender flowers on 38" scapes. Can tolerate sun. Good slug resistance. 1987 President's Exhibitor Trophy, 1984 Eunice Fisher Award, 1984 Midwest Gold Award.
This is the large satin-gold hosta so much in demand. Very heavy substance, huge leaves. Excellent! Eunice Fisher Award winner.
Large, heavy glossy smooth gold leaves. White flowers. Strong field divisions.

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Progeny'Abiqua Recluse' = 'White Vision' x PP
'Academy Ametrine' seedling
'Academy Purple Orb' seedling
'Academy Soaring Rugosity' seedling
'Barger Blue' seedling
'Bubba' seedling
'Cocky Junior' = PP x montana 'Aureomarginata'
'Courtesy' = PP x (x venusta)
'Emma' = "variegated seedling" x PP
'Euphoria' = PP x rupifraga
'First Kiss' = 'Delta Dawn' x PP
'Fragrant Gold' hybrid
'Golden Decade' = PP x (x venusta)
'Golden Memories' = PP x pycnophylla
'Grand Canyon' = PP x montana f. macrophylla
'Herman's Pride' = 'Gold Regal' x PP
'Hot Air Balloon' = 'Outrageous' x PP
'Hunter V. Berthelot' seedling
'Jaz' = PP x yingeri
'Jim Cooper' seedling
'Joyce Trott' = 'Flamboyant' x PP
'Kevin Kelley' hybrid
'Kiss Me Farewell' = 'Delta Dawn' x PP
'Kiss Me Kwick' = 'Delta Dawn' x PP
'Kitty Hawk' hybrid
'Leather Sheen' = PP x venusta
'Little Black Scape' hybrid
'Little Razor' = PP x (x venusta)
'Lovely Loretta' = PP x 'Ginko Craig'
'M. Owen Papuga' hybrid
'Marlu's Marla Jean' seedling
'Metallic Sheen' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans'
'Moby Dick' hybrid
'Nancy Gill' = PP x pycnophylla
'New Wave' = PP x venusta
'Old Coot' = PP x yingeri
'Ra' seedling
'Raleigh Remembrance' = PP x plantaginea
'Richard Taylor' = PP x 'Don Stevens'
'Righteous Rays' hybrid
'Rosedale Big Bopper' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans'
'Rosedale Genevieve' = 'Galaxy' x PP
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'Small Sum' seedling
'Stormy Lake' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans'
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'Tossed Salad' = PP x pycnophylla
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