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HostaSeptember Sun


Originator(s)Bob Solberg 1985

Origin'August Moon' sport

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width55x125 cm (22x49 in.)

Leaf length x width23x18 cm (9x7 in.)

Vein pairs10-11

Leaf colorgolden yellow,dark green edge


Leafgood, a bit wavy, a bit corrugated



Scape height65 cm (26 in.)

Flowernear white

Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August





Info15" tall. Light Shade
'August Moon' mutation selected by James Massey.
Yellow with dark green margin. Color grows more pronounced later in season.
Near white flowers. Cordage leaves with a yellow center and green margin.
Heavily corrugated. White flowers. Fast grower.
Gold leaf with a lime green margin. Excellent substance.
This wonderful 3' wide clump (sport of H. 'August Moon') has the same round corrugated golden foliage, but surrounded by a wide dark green margin... one of the finest new hostas in years! In late summer, the 3' spikes of near white flowers top the clump... extremely nice!
A H. 'August Moon' sport, rounded gold leaves are edged with a wide dark green margin. This one will take a little more sun and has wonderful near-white flowers.
Green variegated form of 'August Moon'. The leaves are heart-shaped, gold with a wide green margin. Excellent. White flowers.
Plant is a variegated sport of H. 'August Moon' with yellow center and green margin. There is a high contrast between margin and center. The dimpling on the leaves make for another eye catcher. (Plant 34x22)
The rounded gold leaves have a wide, dark green margin.
Large clump topped by near white flowers in July.
A good grower when given some morning sun.
The yellow leaves on this beautiful sport of 'August Moon' are edged in dark green. Near-white flowers.
Green margined, gold centered mutation of 'August Moon', near white flowers, strong grower.

Sports'Clifford's Polar Moon' sport/yg
'Colesburg Sonny Boy' sport/yg
'Green Army Man' sport/yg
'Hub City' sport/gg

Progeny'Honey Pie' = PP x plantaginea