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HostaRobert Frost


Originator(s)Bill & Eleanor Lachman 1988

Origin'Banana Sundae' x 'Frances Williams'


Size categorylarge

Plant height x width60x120 cm (24x47 in.)

Leaf length x width26x22 cm (10x9 in.)

Vein pairs12-13

Leaf colorblue-green,(cream>white) edge


Leafgood, a bit wavy



Scape height75 cm (30 in.)

Flowernear white

Flower length 


Flowering periodJune - July





InfoEunice Fisher Distinguished Merit Award winner 2009.
23" tall. Light Shade.
Feathered 'Banana Sundae' white-edged with vigor and substance. A jeweled masterpiece.
Blue leaves with white margins. Heart shaped.
Erect growth habit. White flowers midsummer.
An excellent blue with a wide white margin.
An erect growth habit.
This spectacular Lachman introduction makes a 42" diameter clump with rounded blue green leaves and a wonderful wide creamy yellow margin that changes to white in late summer. In late spring, the clumps are topped with near white flowers on 3' scapes.
Frosted gray-green leaf with wide white margin feathering toward the center.
Rounded, deep blue leaves with a wide creamy yellow margin, turning white in summer.
The one on everybody's want list! Dark blue with gold margins on leaves 10" by 8". This masterpiece is 24" tall and has flowers to 36". (H. 'Banana Sundae' x H. 'Frances Williams')
Large clump of rounded leaves with a wide creamy white border.
Near white flowers in June or July.

Sports'Alpine Ice' sport/gw
'Dubuque Blues' sport/bb
'Me and My Shadow' sport/gg
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Progeny'Eleanor Lachman' = ('Neat Splash' x 'Flamboyant') x PP