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HostaOne Man's Treasure


Originator(s)Herb Benedict/Bob Solberg 1999

Originlongipes f. hypoglauca seedling


Size category 

Plant height x width28x75 cm (11x30 in.)

Leaf length x width16x11 cm (6x4 in.)

Vein pairs7-8

Leaf colordark green


Leafshiny, thick



Scape height50 cm (20 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodSeptember - October





InfoReddish purple dots on both sides of the petiole.
A great introduction that is a hybrid of H. longipes f. hypoglauca and has very shiny dark green leaves that are slightly rippled, the outstanding characteristic of this plant are the reddish-purple dots that are evident on the tops and bottoms of the petioles-they jump out at you!.
Medium lavender flowers are held on purple scapes and even the seed pods are purple.
H. longipes f. hypoglauca seedling from Herb Benedict & Bob Solberg known for having the reddest petioles of all hosta cultivars; attractive, late season flowers add to the tremendous value of this slug-resistant plant.

Sports'Exotic Treasure' sport/os
'Secret Treasure' sport/gy
'True Treasure' sport/gg

Progeny'Bombs Bursting in Air' = PP x 'Strawberry Delight'
'Bottle Rockets' = 'Little Wiggler' x PP
'Cherry Flip' = "seedling" x PP
'Corkscrew' = 'Tortifrons' x PP
'Flamenco Dancer' = 'Tequila Sunrise' x PP
'Frisian Treasure' = PP x 'Maekawa'
'Holar Black Swan' = PP x 'Red Neck Heaven'
'Holar Crimson Grape' = PP x 'Harry van de Laar'
'Night Flight' = PP x ('Grand Slam' x 'Party Favor')
'Plum Pudding' = PP x "seedling"
'Rocket's Red Glare' = PP x 'Strawberry Delight'
'Saint Sebastian' = PP x 'Spritzer'
'Sugar Plum' = "seedling" x PP
'Tickle Me Pink' = PP x 'Squash Casserole'
'Valley's Bossanova' = 'Uncle Albert' x PP
'Valley's Bull's Eye' = PP x 'Ringtail'
'Valley's Dandy' = PP x 'Maya Kingsnake'
'Valley's Double' = PP x 'Ringtail'
'Valley's Lucky Gambler' = PP x "Valley's kikutii (K3)"
'Valley's Witness' = PP x (x pycnophylla)