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HostaEmpress Wu


Originator(s)Brian & Virginia Skaggs 2008

Origin'Big John' hybrid

Size categorygigantic

Plant height x width125x275 cm (49x108 in.)

Leaf length x width70x63 cm (28x25 in.)

Vein pairs17-18

Leaf colordark green





Scape height150 cm (59 in.)

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length7.5 cm (3 in.)


Flowering periodJune - July




PatentsPP20774, CPBR4240, EUPBR32902

Info='Xanadu Empress Wu'
PP20774 (23/2/2010), CPBR4240, EUPBR32902.
SHADOWLAND® Collection.
In our garden it easily exceededs all other Hosta that we grow. Leaf size in the order of 'Sum & Substance'. Strongly upright with stiff leaves .
This is the BIG one. Huge dark green leaves have deeply impressed veins and tremendous substance. The mature clump will reach 4 '-6"’ tall. With pale lavender flowers on 5' scapes, truly a magnificent specimen for any garden .

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'Royal Empress' sport/gy
'Super Ego' sport/os
'Wu Hoo' sport/gy
'Wu-La-La' sport/bg
'Wunderbar' sport/gy

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'Drop-dead Gorgeous' = 'Niagara Falls streaked' x PP
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'Valley's Heartbreak Hotel' = 'Valley's Streaked Goose' x PP
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