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HostaAbba Dabba Do

Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Tony Avent 1998


Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width60x180 cm (24x71 in.)

Leaf length x width30x15 cm (12x6 in.)

Vein pairs15-17

Leaf colorgreen,chartreuse yellow edge


Leafgood, dull, wavy



Scape height100 cm (39 in.)


Flower length2.5 cm (1 in.)


Flowering period 





Info24" tall. Part sun to light shade.
Dark green leaves with light gold margins. Leaves are long, lance-shaped and slightly twisted. Pale lavender flowers.
This 93 introduction is destined to be one of the true great hostas. This sport of the ever popular H. 'Sun Power' boasts sturdy large pointed green leaves with a bright yellow edge that widens with age. The clump emerges all green, then the edge becomes evident quickly thereafter. H. 'Abba Dabba Do' has the vigor and same growth habit as H. 'Sun Power' to 5'+ wide, and tolerates plenty of sun. The clump is topped with light lavender flowers in summer...destined to become a classic.
Powdery blue-green leaf w/creamy-gold border, sport of H. 'Sun Power'.
Medium to dark green leaves, edged in gold, with excellent substance. Forms a beautiful clump up to 4' wide. A sport of 'Sun Power'  Pale lavender flowers.
A Tony Avent introduction. A sport of H. 'Sun Power'. Dark green center and light gold margin. Long lance-shaped leaves are somewhat twisted. Flowers are light lavender and set off nicely by the bright margin. Scapes are 30 inches tall.
A 'Sun Power' sport, with green centers. Leaves have a slight twist.
Large leaves, dark green in the center with distinctive gold margins, good substance, flowers pale lavendar, excellent background plant.

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