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f7.00 Van den Top (1999)
$5.00 Naylor Creek (1999)
$4.95 Bridgewood (1999)
$1.25 Homestead (1999) Seed
$5.00 Homestead (1999)
JN:Otome Giboushi = "(beautiful) maiden hosta".
Miniature mound of dark green leaves and lavender flowers.
A dwarf species, forming a very small mound of green foliage. Multiplies quickly. Purple flowers.
0-100% shade. Smaller clumps to four inches, deep green, creeping rhizome, flowers violet.
Dark satiny green; slightly undulate, oval to heart; some red on scapes.
Easily grown in average, medium wet, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade. Does best in a rich, moist soil in light, dappled shade. Features a dwarf mound of slightly wavy, heart-shaped, medium green leaves with racemes of funnel-shaped, violet flowers on 10" scapes. A dependable and versatile perennial requiring little care. Grown primarily for its beautiful foliage which provides color, contrast and texture to the landscape. Dense foliage crowds out most garden weeds.
'Abiqua Jim Dandy' seedling
'Abiqua Miniature' sport or seedling
'Akarana' hybrid
'Alpine Dream' = PP x (x venusta)
'Amanuma' = PP x capitata
'Anne-Marie' seedling
'Appetizer' = (('Swoosh' x longissima) x 'Bright Lights') x PP
'Arrowhead' seedling
'Awesome' seedling
'Ballerina' seedling
'Blue Eyes' seedling
'Brooklynn's Baby Doll' = PP x clausa
'Brutus' = 'Sea Drift' x PP
'Cat's Eyes' hybrid
'Cody' = 'Shining Tot' x PP
'Concordia Petite' = PP x 'Golden Tiara'
'Craig's Temptation' hybrid
'Devon Red' selection
'Elsley Runner' seedling
'Emerson's Small One' = "lance-leaved seedling" x PP
'Emoticon' = 'Gold Regal' x PP
'Evening Gown' = montana 'Chirifu' x PP
'Fairy Ring' seedling
'Flatliner' = "seedling #95-201" x PP
'Gemstone' = PP x 'Dorset Blue'
'Gold Drop' = PP x 'August Moon'
'Golden Cherub' seedling
'Golden Gem' hybrid
'Golden Maid' seedling
'Gosan Gold Midget' = PP x 'Golden Prayers'
'Green Fingers' hybrid
'Green Quarter' = 'Beatrice' x PP
'Harold's Thumb' seedling
'Herbie' = PP x (x 'Saishu Jima')
'Hime Komachi' seedling
'Honey Moon' = PP x 'August Moon'
'Hush Puppie' = (x (x 'Beatrice')) x PP
'Japan No. 1' sport or hybrid
'Ki Nakafu Otome' sport or seedling
'Kii Hime' selection
'Kinbotan' seedling
'Kyokkou' sport or seedling
'Lakeside Neat Petite' = PP x 'Blue Cadet'
'Leather Sheen' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Little Big Man' = 'Gold Regal' x PP
'Little Fellow' selfed
'Little Sunfield' = 'Yellow Splash' x PP
'Lorna' = nakaiana x PP
'Maurice Mason' sport or seedling
'Minuta' seedling
'Misty Morning' hybrid
'Neutrino' seedling
'New Wave' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Nishikigawa' = ('Swoosh' x venusta) x PP
'Number One' hybrid
'Paradise Puppet' hybrid
'Pearl Buttons' seedling
'Pepin the Short' = 'Surprised by Joy' x PP
'Pinwheel' sport/wg
'Pipin the Short' = 'Captain Atom' x PP
'Queue' = PP x 'Teaspoon'
'Rock Island Line' = 'Flamboyant' x PP
'Rock Master' hybrid
'Rumpelstielzchen' sport or hybrid
'Shark's Tooth' = PP x 'Teaspoon'
'Shining Tot' = PP x 'Rock Master'
'Squirt' seedling
'Striker' sport/gw
'Surprised by Joy' = 'Flamboyant' x PP
'Tet-A-Poo' = PP x 'Blue Cadet'
'Thumb Nail' hybrid
'Tiny Tears' hybrid
'Tom Thumb' seedling
'Tot Tot' = 'Blue Cadet' x PP
'Valley's Sand Dance' = PP x longipes f. hypoglauca
'Venucosa' = PP x ventricosa
'Venus Star' hybrid
'enusta 'Crater's Heart' sport/wg
'enusta 'Crater's Rim' sport/gy
'enusta 'Shikow' hybrid
'enusta 'Suzuki Thumbnail' sport or hybrid
'Wedding Band' sport/gy
'Yellow Jacket' sport/gy
'Yellow Tears' hybrid