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$7.00 White Oak (2000)
$8.00 Hoot Owl Hollow (1999)
$8.00 Walden West (1999)
$10.00 Plants Delight (1999)
$8.00 Naylor Creek (1999)
$7.95 Bridgewood (1999)
$11.95 AAA (1999)
$??.?? Walters Gardens (1999)
$10.00 Robyn's Nest (1999)
$7.00 Homestead (1999)
=plantaginea var. plantaginea.
20" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Pure white, extremely large (6"), fragrant flowers, coupled with large glossy green leaves makes an outstanding show in August. Sometimes called August Lily. A native of central China. Bright clean light green leaves. Heart shaped, shiny, waxy and glossy. Large, 5" long, white trumpet shaped flowers. Very fragrant. Plant in some sun for good bloom.
A green leaf, 3" fragrant trumpet flowers.
This very heat tolerant species from China is noted not only for its shiny, light green foliage, but for its 6 inch long, deliciously fragrant white flowers. Beginning in August, the flowers, which open in late afternoon, could make any garden a fragrant oasis. Each clump reaches 24" wide on this great candidate for a shady border.
The "Old August Lily" with light green leaves and 4" long white, trumpet shaped fragrant flowers in late summer.
Known as the August Lily, this species has large, shiny, light green leaves. Its flowers are the largest of all the hostas and are very fragrant. White flowers.
This Hosta is grown mainly for its exceptionally large, pure white flowers that are highly fragrant. The gardenia-like fragrance combined with the shiny smooth textured soft green ovate leaves, brings to mind the tropics. All fragrant hostas are releated to this only naturally occuring fragrant hosta! (Plant 24x18)
The "Old August Lily" with light green leaves and 4" long white, trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers in August-September. 18-24" scapes.
Foliage is bright green and glossy. Long, white, trumpet-shaped flowers have a delicious lily-like fragrance.
Medium large, light green leaves, the "Old August Lily". Large fragrant white flowers in late August.
'Acadia Tidal Pool' = 'Lakeside Dot Com streaked' x PP
'Aphrodite' sport/gg
'Atomic Momma' = 'Atom Smasher' x PP
'Austin Dickinson' = 'Resonance' x PP
'Bennie McRae' hybrid
'Big Bloomers' = 'Blue Umbrellas' x PP
'Bob' = 'Blue Umbrellas' x PP
'Buckwheat Honey' = 'Ginko Craig' x PP
'Calamity Jane' = 'William Lachman' x PP
'Carrie' = PP x 'Elvis Lives'
'Chelsea Ore' seedling
'Curly Top' = 'Ginko Craig' x PP
'Doubled Up' sport/gg
'ELP' = 'Elvis Lives' x PP
'Emily Dickinson' = (x 'Neat Splash') x PP
'Fancy Plant' sport/o
'Floramora' = "sdlg PDN 04-147" x PP
'Flower Child' = 'Fall Bouquet' x PP
'Flower Power' = nigrescens x PP
'Forever Green' = rupifraga x PP
'Fragrant Flame' sport/os
'Geumbaekro' sport/gy
'Gilda' selfed
'Grape Fizz' = 'Rhapsody in Blue' x PP
'Green Marmalade' = 'Neat Splash' x PP
'Heaven Scent' sport/gy
'Honey Pie' = 'September Sun' x PP
'Honeybells ' = PP x sieboldii
'Iron Gate Bouquet ' = PP x 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Iron Gate Delight' = PP x 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Iron Gate Glamour' = PP x 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Iron Gate Supreme ' = PP x 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Julia Gaede' sport/o
'Karenka' = PP x gracillima
'Long Tom' seedling
'Marbled Bouquet' sport/o
'Ming Treasure' sport/gy
'Mistress Mabel' = ('Beatrice' F6 x 'Blue Moon') x PP
'Nokunseol' sport/yg
'Old Faithful' = PP x 'Regal Rhubarb'
'Pancakes' = 'Decorata' x PP
'lantaginea 'Chingbanyuzan' sport/gg
'Pondering Parsippany' = 'Corkscrew' x PP
'Precisely' = 'Ginko Craig' x PP
'Preferred' hybrid
'Raleigh Remembrance' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Reddish Dot' = 'Patrician' x PP
'Rippled Honey' = ventricosa x PP
'Royal Standard' = PP x sieboldiana
'Seventh Heaven' = 'Kevin Vaughn' x PP
'Show Stopper' = hypoleuca x PP
'Slim Polly' = sieboldii x PP
'Snow Flakes' = sieboldii 'Alba' x PP
'Sombrero' = 'Blue Umbrellas' x PP
'Spit Shine' hybrid
'Statue of Liberty' = ('Fragrant Blue' x 'Halcyon') x PP
'Sugar Daddy_' = 'Elvis Lives' x PP
'Summer Fragrance' = ('Beatrice' selfed) x PP
'Surfer Dude' = rupifraga x PP
'Suzy Q' = pycnophylla x PP
'Sweet Marjorie' = 'Ginko Craig' x PP
'Sweet Nothings' hybrid
'Sweet Susan' = sieboldii x PP
'Sweet Winifred' hybrid
'Sweetness_' = montana x PP
'Triplex' sport/gg
'Warwick Essence' = 'Northern Halo' x PP
'White Fairy' sport/
'White Shoulders' sport/gw
'Willamette' = PP x 'Royal Standard'
'Wu Lei' sport/
'Yan San' sport/